Looking to Etsy as a Place to Sell

I previously had an Etsy store from a previous attempt at self employment (it’s still there, just haven’t listed anything on there since so long ago I can’t remember when) where I tried to make money selling some of my photographs.

As the original plan of using this place to try sell some of my photographs worked so badly it’d make the first voyage of the RMS Titanic look like an astounding success, I’m looking to make the switch to selling craft supplies and stuff once I’ve had some time to get my head around how this place works again.

The idea has come to me to perhaps press it back into service, but as quoted above in an annoucement on my store, I’m considering pressing it back into service to try selling craft supplies and things. Continue reading “Looking to Etsy as a Place to Sell”

Welcome to Interweb Bargains Blog

After many months (at least a year even), I’ve finally created this wordpress based addition to the Interweb Bargains website, and probably make it fully take over from the original at some point when I can be sure it isn’t going to do a number on my current search engine rankings.

I won’t go into detail on what Interweb Bargains actually is, as that’s all on the About Interweb Bargains Page.

But in short it is most simply summed up by the text I put on the front page of the original website I knocked together in 2018/2019 (or whenever it was):

Yorkshire Bloke selling gift items, antiques, jewellery, toys, games, collectables + whatever other bits & bobs I can get my hands on via ethical means to sell as low as I can get away with without bankrupting myself while in pursuit of trying to make a career of selling on Ebay, and other platforms such as Amazon UK too in future, hopefully.

This site will be used to highlight my latest listings on Ebay and other well known popular online selling platforms I may have a dabble on at some pont, so bookmark and check back.

At time of creating this wordpress thing I am in the process of looking into bringing Interweb Bargains back up to speed after recent circumstances shutting everything down having made it too awkward to keep track of what’s going on and being able to be sure of being able to get hold of items to try and sell.