Becoming an Ebay Seller

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Selling on Ebay can be an excellent way to top-up your regular income, or as a route into full-time self employment.

There are many great books that show you how to go from just selling the odd random item to get shot of stuff you don’t need to doing it pro-style (see advertisement below).

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There are also a number of tutorial videos that can also give you some top tips (currently looking for some new ones I could stick below).

One thought on “Becoming an Ebay Seller”

  1. Success not guaranteed, efforts may be hampered by Ebay zapping your account within 30minutes of creating the thing to explore a new seperate niche to your usual items…. when all you did was create the account, add a short user profile description and save a handful of sellers already in that niche so you can research while trying to get ready to sell.

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