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The Story of “Interweb Bargains”

I opened my first personal Ebay account back in August 2001, mostly just for buying stuff.

Sometime around 2004-2006 I somehow ended up in one of those mail-order book clubs, this one was primarily aimed at Anglers (and has since gone belly-up years ago).
Despite being a book club for fishing enthusiasts, the monthly catalogue also had a small selection of books on other random topics, and one month I ended up buying “Three Weeks to Ebay Profits” by Skip McGrath.
Around 2007-2008 I was having a 6-month trial on a work scheme to set up my own Photography &  Web Design business (which could have gone better), and decided to try ebay selling as an addition to my attempts to make a living.
I had moderate success with some used jigsaw puzzles (though still have 2 unsold ones still laying around somewhere some 10 years later in 2018), and even less success with the watches I picked up in Ebay’s wholesale section (not sure where they went).
I then sort of mostly forgot about Ebay for a while, thinking about having another go occasionally, but not seeming to be able to get round to it.
In March 2017 after 2 more failed self-employment attempts I decided to have another go with selling things on Ebay, and found a dropship wholesaler in the South-West of England to get products from, as well as a hunt around a number of Northern English discount store chains to see if I can find other things to try establish myself on Ebay again.
My attempts to list were scuppered by my original account having an old mobile number I no longer have associated with it making it difficult to verify, so I decided to make a new selling account, and on the spur of the moment came up with the name “Interweb Bargains“.

After sort of losing interest again, by August 2018 I decided to have a more serious go at getting it off the ground, and here we are…… after mulling it over for a number of months I then created this wordpress site on 25th September 2021 to expand on the original website (and eventually replace it due to a technical issue that required a Windows10 re-install causing issues with the Mobirise website software I originally built it with being unable to access a thing without paying the developer £69 to unlock it again).

Product Sourcing

All my products are sourced via ethical means: Wholesalers, Discount Retailers, Charity Shops, Jumble Sales, Car Boot Sales, Antique Shops & Fairs, etc.