eBay Seller Supplies

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I am hoping to be able to provide an extensive range of supplies regularly needed by other people who regularly try to sell on eBay, and therefore may find eBay Seller Supplies I have are useful to them. Obviously they could also be used as Amazon Seller Supplies or Etsy Seller Supplies too.

For now, check out these items I have found on Amazon UK.

Postal Scales
Unless you are drop-shipping items direct from the supplier, you will probably need one of these things to accurately work out how bad it is going to cost to ship your packages to customers.

Padded Envelopes

Postal Bags

Postal Boxes

Bubble Wrap, Padding Materials for Parcels
As well as being fun to play with, using bubble wrap and other padding materials improve the chances of your products arriving at your customer’s address in the same number of pieces as when you packed it.

Sticky Tape Suitable for Parcels
Using good tape is important to secure your packages properly so the contents don’t escape in transit – as well to avoid wasted time, tape and money from using cheap tape that is awkward to handle.

Label Printers
Using one of these gives your packages a more professional appearance than using a marker pen, as well as minimising wasting labels trying to get the things to line-up properly in a normal printer you use to print letters and invoices on to A4 Sheets.

Inkjet Printers for Invoices
Business grade printers that use tanks of wet ink sprayed onto the paper.

Laser Printers for Invoices
Busness grade printers that may prove more cost effective when doing lots of printers, but use more expensive toner cartridges than an Inkjet.

A4 Paper for Printing Invoices
It is much easier to print letters an invoices if you have some decent quality A4 paper to do it with.

Labels for Printing Address Labels
Thermal labels you can print the address of your customer onto, as well as bar codes to print proof of paid postage in place of stamps, then stick on the package.

Scissors, and other useful tools for packing parcels
These may help you do a neater job of packing the parcels ready to send to your buyers.