About Us: J&C Beauty Supply

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J&C Beauty Supply was an idea that started floating around in my head probably somewhere around 2020/2021 as a more niche specific effort at selling online through well known popular online selling platforms such as Ebay and Amazon as a sort of seperate effort from my earlier online sales ideas.

I took the first steps on 14th November 2022 by creating a profile on Ebay UK specifically for this to get it there as a placeholder while I do further product research and put other stuff in place ready for go time. Thing only lasted half an hour before Ebay slandered and defamed the fledgling business idea as a “risk” when all I did was create a user profile and save some existing sellers in this niche ready for future research of products when I’ve got time.

As a result of this it would appear that the main focus of sales will be through Amazon Seller Central / FBA.

Visit Interweb Bargains for other items I’m selling that aren’t beauty products, which I’m also hoping to resume soon after a bunch of interruptions and distractions.

2022/11/14 at 17:54

Merged into main Interweb Bargains 25th March 2023 to save on costs & server space…. also EBay buggered the idea within moments of creating the seperate account ID for this business idea. The domain names JNCBeauty.co.uk and JNC-Beauty.co.uk have been domain parked.

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